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Mottige Rat

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Nowhere has the influence of Japan had a greater impact than in the names given to the various types of Koi. For the average English-speaking person not only are we unsure how the name should be pronounced but the names themselves have no meaning whatsoever. Names like Asigi and Showa have little meaning and its hard for us westerners not only to remember the name but what are the physical characteristics of the fish under each name. This is not likely to change in the foreseeable future but we should try and become a little more familiar with some of the names and their characteristics. What is important however is that you do not need to know the names to enjoy the fish!

While there are now thirteen recognised classes or types of Koi all these fish were developed from the common carp. All the classes are the result of breeding to bring out the desired features and characteristics of each of the different types. The classes described firstly in Japan are now recognised around the world. The classes are determined by the markings Jay Buhner Jersey , colors and scales. The overall body shape also plays a part in the classifications. For those of you determined to know a little more about the classes of Koi let us look at some the classes currently recognised.

Blue back and red sides, head light blue or white Edgar Martinez Jersey , stomach and gills orange or red.

A black Koi with white and red markings, a black pattern on the head.

A white Koi with patterns of red on the upper body.

Sanke or Taisho
A white Koi with red and black patches on the body.

A black Koi with white markings over all the body. There are red and yellow versions replacing the white markings.

Black fish with orange or white bellies.

The body can be white or red Felix Hernandez Jersey , with black markings, no black marking on the head.

A white body with red markings. A bybrid between the Asagi and Kohaku or between the Showa or Snakes.

A single-colored fish with a darker color-inlay in its scales.

Hikari Muji or Hakarimono (Ogon)
A single metallic color - the shape Jay Bruce Jersey , color and the lack of head marking define this class.

Hikari Moyo or Hariwake
Two colors but one a metallic color.

Pale blue body with orange belly. Dark blue color on its back.

Has a single red spot on the top of the head.

A Whole World of Sub-Classes
This list is a very abbreviated version and I am sure a Koi purest would feel that it lacks a lot of detail which it does. We started with 'Asagi' and 'Showa' but we really need to break these down into further sub-classes. This list does however begin to open up the features that have become the identifying features of Koi. In each of the classes listed above there are sub-classes that cater for the subtle differences found among the Koi. If anyone feels the need to learn more there are plenty of references that go into a lot more detail than is possible in a limited article such as this. Mastery of all the details would be a fairly time-consuming exercise and only required by someone whose life and work was with Koi and who has the opportunity to be exposed to the full range of classes of Koi. For the hobbyist a general idea is all that is required.

The Richness of Koi Colors
The list above gives the reader a good idea of the range of colors. Blue bodied Asagi, black bodied Showa and white bodied Kohaku with their infinite varieties of colour patches including metallic's like gold and silver. Pictures of these fish will demonstrate the amazing variety that is to be found in any well cared for Koi pond. What may not be fully appreciated by one starting out keeping Koi is the fact that the depth and richness of the color of the Koi has a lot to do with the health of the fish. If the fish are healthy and well fed in a pond that has clean clear water with a fully functioning bio-filter that is adequately dealing with the pollution that the Koi create then their colors should shine. It is true that the more expensive fish will have richer colors but that is what the expert has paid for. While these 'show specimens' are to be admired that should not detract from the enjoyment to be gained from breeds of lesser quality such as your own. Keep your Koi healthy and their colors will shine.

Keeping Koi is a hobby that has become a world-wide phenomenon. To learn more visit and see how easy it could be to keep your own Koi.
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